English Overview

In English, FreshSteps places a strong emphasis on equal opportunity and providing an environment in which all pupils are encouraged to become independent in their thinking and the expression of their ideas. The three main components of speaking and listening, reading and writing are taught independently and students are expected to take responsibility for their learning, as individuals and as part of a team.

Teaching and learning take place in a collaborative environment of stimulating interactive lessons and enrichment activities. Pupils read a range of texts and are exposed to a variety of experiences that offer them the broad and balanced curriculum that the National Curriculum expects.

The expectations are that pupils will:

• Demonstrate effective and appropriate skills of communication in speaking, listening, reading and writing
• Express themselves creatively and imaginatively.

• Become critical readers of a range of texts. • Use reading to develop their skills as writers.

• Understand the patterns, structures and conventions of written and spoken English.
• Understand the impact of variations in spoken and written language and how they relate to identity and cultural diversity.
• Select and adapt speech and writing to different situations and audiences.

The curriculum is taught as set out but since Covid-19 this has had a major impact on the actual output and the progress in English.

The school responded with a variety of provisions such as:

  • -  Easter university

  • -  strike day catch- up sessions especially for KS4 and 5 pupils,

  • -  intensive revision sessions in English

  • -  the incorporation of the AQA unit awards in English

  • The AQA Unit awards are appropriate to our pupils with SEN and closely aligns with our own curriculum. It allows for quick reward for completed work and this incentivises the students to re-engage and remain on task.

  • Empower our students by building on key skills and knowledge as they move towards GCSE English

The UAS is designed to make GCSE success a possibility for our SEN students.