Fashion and Design

Course Content 

This introduction to Fashion and Design, is the first step to introduce students to the world of Fashion and all the avenues it could lead to career wise. Whether you want to design your own fashion collection, develop your skills, or start your own business, it is a key life skill which can help young creative talents to shine and an exciting way to build a good understanding of the fashion industry. Our course is coursework based and Industry focused. Using the AQA Unit Award Scheme, is a unique way to record learner achievement. Its ‘can do’ approach is used to boost student confidence, engagement, and motivation. The course will include; 

  • An Introduction to Textiles                                           
  • Basic Dressmaking Skills    
  • Sewing Skills (Hand and Machine) 
  • Designing and Producing Batik 
  • Introduction to Tie-Dyeing 
  • Fashion History Since 1900 
  • Street Style Fashion 
  • Creating a Fashion Themed Mood Board 

Assessment Overview: 

14-16 Program will cover pre entry and entry level
Year 12 will cover Entry and Level 1. 
Year 13 will cover Levels 2, and 3.  


There are a vast number of potential careers in the textiles and fashion industry. These include: 

Fashion Stylist Creative Director
Fashion Designer Product Developer
Graphic Designer Public Relation Specialist
Costume Designer Quality Assurance Manager
Textlie Designer Pattern Cutter/Grader
Merchandiser Sample Machinist
Visual Merchandiser Miliner
Buyer Ux / Ui Design (Huge Demand)
Data Analytics for Retail Fashion Retail
Garment Technology