Perfoming Arts

Performing Arts

Course Content:

The performing arts course is designed to allow students to be able to express themselves and take their creative ideas and make them real. Not only this but students will build a bank of skills, knowledge and understanding of performing arts through the consistent rewarding AQA units . The work undertaken should be considered as cumulative, with the knowledge gained in each unit informing the choices made in the others. It’s designed with both practical and theoretical elements, which will prepare learners for further qualifications in performing arts, drama, dance, music, media studies, film studies and art and design. 

Why choose performing arts?

Performing Arts is a way for any individual to express themselves through movement, acting, singing and dance, it is a pathway to freedom and happiness but also skill and technique.

It allows you to learn the different technical pathways as well as the acting route, this course will teach you different skills that are essential for the future such as speaking in front of crowds and having confidence in yourself!

performing arts, drama, dance,

What subjects best complement this course?

Our Level 1/2 Technical Award in Performing Arts is complemented by a wide range of creative GCSEs including Dance, Drama, Music, English, Media Studies, Film Studies and Art and Design. This new qualification can also be delivered alongside other vocational courses such as Fashion and Textiles, Materials Technology and Business. Thiscourse will offer a progressive route through to Tech Certificates, Tech Levels, BTEC Level 3, AS and A-levels music, media studies, film studies and art and design.

What performing arts can lead to in the future?

These valued skills are an integral element within the design of our Level 1/2 Technical Award. As a result of discussions and collaborations with schools, colleges and stakeholders such as post-16 education providers and professional/trade bodies, we have included the following transferable skills within the subject content: Teamwork, communication, research and problem solving.