Sports Studies

Sports Leadership Program

At FreshSteps we have the latest equipment and facilities to help you achieve your sporting aspirations. Whether it be sport, health and fitness or nutrition we have something to suit your goals.  

Level 2 Sports Leadership Units 


Unit 1 – Building leadership skills. 

Unit 2 – Plan, lead and evaluate sport/physical activity sessions. 

Unit 3 – Assist in planning and leading a sports/physical activity event. 

Unit 4 – Lead sport/physical activity sessions in your community 


Level 3 Sports Leadership Units  


Unit 1 – Developing leadership skills. 

Unit 2 – Lead safe sport/physical activity sessions. 

Unit 3 – Know how to plan inclusive sport/physical activity sessions. 

Unit 4 – Plan, lead and evaluate a progressive series of inclusive sport/activity session. 

Unit 5 – Plan, lead and evaluate a sports/physical activity event. 

Unit 6 – Demonstrate leading inclusive sport/physical activity sessions to a range of participant groups. 


EE Playmaker Course 

EE Playmaker by England Football is an entry-level football course for anyone interested in taking a more active role in grassroots football. There are five modules in total which are: 


Make football ‘For All.’ 

Connect with your players.  

Create fun sessions.  

Keep football safe.  

Take your next step. 


By the end of the course, learners will be able to help at local grassroot football clubs and prepare themselves for their Introduction to Coaching Football qualification (previously known as FA Level 1 Coaching)