At Freshsteps we follow the PlanBee Science Primary curriculum. We at Freshsteps aim to inspire curious young scientists. Every lesson addresses a National Curriculum Science objective in the programmes of study for Key stages 1 and 2. This allows teachers to plan for and track progression throughout the academic year as well as teach to plug gaps in pupils’ learning. The curriculum ensures that every pupil can leave our school prepared to be lifelong learners. Through the curriculum, we will develop essential knowledge, concepts and skills that can be used as building blocks for later life. The pupils in our schools will gain confidence to become inquisitive thinkers through developing resilience and independence. They will develop their own lines of enquiry, take risks, embrace challenges, and understand that we learn from our mistakes in a nurturing environment.


The PlanBee Science schemes of work include detailed planning with the scientific knowledge required for teachers to deliver practical, engaging, and effective Science teaching to all pupils. The Science program followed is complete with:

  • slides to ensure clear explanation of scientific concepts and to challenge pupils of all abilities to think scientifically.
  • practical enquiries and experiments that is geared toward helping pupils understand more about how the world around them works.
  • a range of science resources such as activity cards, information sheets and differentiated worksheets to aid in effective lesson delivery.
  • Clearly mapped knowledge and skills progression tables to aid teacher in tracking progress.

To ensure that the maximum value is achieved from this program of study, teachers deliver lessons from one of Five Science schemes of work for each year group from Year 1 to Year 6 - one per half term, with one half term left free for consolidation, revision or extending Science learning beyond the curriculum. Each scheme of work contains between five and seven ready-to-teach Science lessons that can be used as provided or adjusted to meet the individual needs of pupils. Each individual lesson includes a detailed plan, a slideshow presentation for the teaching input, differentiated activities and a range of printable resources ready for teachers to follow. Also, of great significance in the PlanBee scheme of work is the ‘fancy something different….’ element which is quite suited to pupils with alternative learning style and needs as those that attend our school.   


Since the school has adopted Plan Bee Science Curriculum, which is engaging and experiment based, there is renewed interest and enthusiasm for science learning in Primary pupils. It provides a wide variety of activities that encourages pupils to think scientifically as well as for teachers to deliver with confidence. Teachers are also more adequately prepared for lessons with resources and information. More importantly, the department is assured that all required areas of science teaching from the National Science curriculum programme of study is being covered and pupils are even further extended.

Routine evaluation of pupils’ progress with and across lessons informs teacher’s judgement and this information is used to analyse how effectively pupils are achieving or exceeding expectations and how to adapt their planning.  This information is then shared with leaders who evaluate the summative outcomes. This analysis can then identify any necessary action that can develop the quality of provision, moderate assessment, and benchmark outcomes against expectation.