Ethos & Values

Aims, Ethos & Values
At FreshSteps we believe that every pupil deserves the opportunity to rediscover their full
potential and obtain an excellent education. We are committed to working with pupils with SEN who perhaps have not had the best start to their education and as a staff we aim to ensure that every child feels valued.
We will:
  • Provide a caring school environment where the whole school community behaves with courtesy, consideration and tolerance towards each
  • Give pupils the opportunity to make positive choices about their development, through a broad and balanced
  • Promote an environment that is conducive to learning which creates the right conditions for growth and
  • Nurture a love of learning across the whole school
  • Inspire pupils to live by the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and
  • Empower pupils to become positive role models and leaders of social
  • Guide pupils to develop into adults who function well; ensuring that each pupil is safe and valued in an inclusive community and within
Core Values
We aim to nurture an environment where pupils, staff, and all those in our school community experience positive wellbeing through feeling supported, safe and appreciated.
Our four core values are at the heart of everything we do.
  • Respect
We show respect by being polite at all times and appreciating our school community.
  • Honesty
We strive to be truthful and have the courage to voice and embrace different opinions.
  •  Empathy
We show compassion by considering people’s feelings and supporting one another.
  • Cooperation
We work together to overcome challenges and achieve success.