Picture1Welcome to our careers page. Please find information about how we inspire our pupils to think about their future careers from year 7 and how we use the Duke of Edinburgh award programme to support this.

We run a very effective careers programme, giving pupils plenty of chances to begin the process of thinking through where they may want to work and the steps, they will need to take to accomplish their goals.

Our aims are to provide high quality careers advice to all pupils - including pastoral support to pupils regardless of their ability, aspirations, strengths and skills.


 8 Gatsby Benchmarks

  There are 8 key areas that a school’s career provision must provide students with.

  1. A stable careers programme ​
  2. Learning from careers and labour market information  ​
  3. Addressing the needs of each student
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees 
  6. Experiences of workplaces 
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal guidance 

National Careers Service

Further information about careers the National Careers Service provides a lot of information and resources. You can find out more here. 

Freshsteps aim is to: 

  • support students in making informed decisions that are suitable and appropriate for them.
  • provide students with different social and work experiences.
  • develop attributes, social skills, communication, innovation, resilience and leadership which support high achieving students in the curriculum and their careers with our Dof E programme
  • Encourage students to develop their goals.
  • Support the transition to life beyond sixth form (apprenticeships, entrepreneurship, higher education and the workplace)

The pupil took part in GNS Company Health and Safety induction. 
The pupil worked as an apprentice as a Fibre Splicing engineer. Fibre splicing is a process which involves the joining of two fibre cables through a splicing machine.

To explore different career options and get the students contributing on their community. We ran mock interviews with our students before taking them to see Enfield’s Career Services. Each student was interviewed and given the opportunity to explore different types of careers and find a business of their interest to volunteer with for the next 3 months.