Wellbeing at FreshSteps

Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health at FreshSteps

FreshSteps was created to provide young people out of mainstream education with rich diverse experiences which promote wellbeing, moral, spiritual and cultural development.

We believe in promoting and prioritising positive mental health and emotional wellbeing for the whole the school community. This ensures that outstanding teaching and learning and personal development can take place. We aim to maintain an environment where everyone feels able to flourish.

All our school interventions are carefully chosen and delivered to have the maximum positive impact on pupils’ emotional wellbeing.

Please see the link at the bottom of the page regarding the FreshSteps Wellbeing Award.

Please also visit our policies page to have a look at our Pupil Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

Current Interventions

Construction Therapy – Pupils work together to build construction kits such as Lego and Meccano, supported by members of staff trained to deliver Lego Based Therapy. Evidence shows that this therapy helps pupils develop emotional intelligence and social skills.

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 Art Therapy – This is beneficial to pupils who have difficulties with peer groups or anger management and those experiencing emotional, behavioural, social and communication difficulties. It is also helpful for those struggling with life events such as bereavement, changes in family structure and illness.

art therapy

One to one mentoring – Our school mentors are always at hand to work with any pupils that need emotional support. Regular targeted support is also given to specific pupils.

Tottenham Hotspur Foundation – Mentors come into school to work with targeted groups as well as one to one mentoring of pupils to address specific needs.

External counsellor – Bespoke counselling is provided by a qualified external counsellor who comes into school to work with some of our most emotionally vulnerable pupils.

Therapeutic Horse-riding – Younger pupils very much look forward to attending their weekly horse-riding session. Therapeutic horse-riding can help SEN children manage hyperactivity and irritability and improve social skills.

Student Wellbeing Room – This room provides a quiet therapeutic space where pupils can reflect and have time out at their own request. If a pupil comes into school feeling emotional or distressed, they can spend time in the student wellbeing room and speak with the student manager or a mentor. This room includes sensory features such as calming music and sensory lighting.

wellbeing room

Soft-play – The Primary soft-play area offers our younger pupils a fun way of learning, developing social and communication skills, managing their emotions, and letting off steam. It includes a therapuetic sensory area to support our younger pupils' emotional wellbeing. 

soft play1

 ball pit


The school environment

The school environment provides constant reminders of our belief that everyone should feel able to flourish. Staff and pupils work together to create displays that reflect this. We also have displays around school and in classrooms that support mental health and wellbeing. 

affirmation station


Wellbeing Award for Schools

FreshSteps is- currently working to achieve the Wellbeing Award for Schools. We will keep parents/carers up to date with our progress and let you know how we would like you to become involved in the process. 

Resources to support families with emotional wellbeing and mental health

Parent Support Services

Parent Support Service – Informed Families (enfield.gov.uk) 

Enfield Local Offer

Enfield's Local Offer for SEND  · Enfield Council 

Education Empowerment Foundation - How to support home routines


Young Minds Website


The Mental Health Foundation




The Samaritans


Other organisations that can help


Wellbeing and Mental Health Apps   

BlueIce app - NHS (www.nhs.uk) – for young people who are self-harming   

Catch It app - NHS (www.nhs.uk) – For managing feelings such as anxiety or depression  

Chill Panda app - NHS (www.nhs.uk) – Breathing techniques for children and adults who want to learn to manage stress and feel better   

MeeTwo app - NHS (www.nhs.uk) – For teenagers having issues they would like to discuss with experts or other teenagers.   

My Possible Self: The Mental Health App - NHS (www.nhs.uk) – Anyone over the age of 18 who wants to manage fear or suffers from, stress or anxiety.   

Stress & Anxiety Companion app - NHS (www.nhs.uk) - Practical strategies to manage stress and anxiety.  

ThinkNinja - NHS (www.nhs.uk) – Allows young people aged 10 -18 to learn about mental health and emotional wellbeing and develop skills to build resilience and stay well.   

Thrive app - NHS (www.nhs.uk) - Help and support to anyone wanting to manage emotions; uses games to track mood and teach methods to take control.   

WorryTree - NHS (www.nhs.uk) – Help people take control of worry.