School Admission

Admission to FreshSteps


Referrals for places at FreshSteps must come via the Local Authority SEN service or through the referring school or alternative provision. The SEN team and referring school must ensure that FreshSteps has received a copy of the pupils EHC Plan and will reply to your request within the statutory time window.

EHCPs are then reviewed by our SENCo who will determine whether FreshSteps may be able to meet the needs of the pupil. If it is deemed that FreshSteps may be able to meet the needs of the child, a trial will be offered. This can range anywhere between two to four days, depending on the pupils. Following a successful trial period, FreshSteps will endeavour to offer a place to the child.

Please note that FreshSteps is an independent provider and where we will endeavour to offer places, it may not always be possible, and it is always at the discretion of the school. The final decision on whether a place is granted or not lies with the headteacher.

Places at FreshSteps are limited and we have a number of factors to consider prior to offering a place. This includes, the needs of the referred child, the needs of the pupils we currently already have, staffing, facilities, health and safety and risk factors. A decision to admit or not admit a child to FreshSteps will take into consideration all of the above.

Visits to the school are strongly recommended. Parents/Carers are encouraged to bring the pupil with them when visiting FreshSteps.

Consultations to the school must be done using our online interactive form which can be found here or via our Contact Us tab. Emails and phone calls are no longer a form of facilitating tours, trials and placements