Inclusion Centre (IC)

FreshSteps Inclusion Centre

Our inclusion centre (IC) is a short term provision for KS3 and KS4 pupils who are not in education, either on a fixed term exclusion from mainstream education; or are without a school place. The IC is a temporary schooling solution and can hold pupils for up to a term, until the LA places the pupil into an educational provision. 

Our IC is run by a team of highly qualified staff, including teaching staff and behaviour mentors who specialise in a range of sports. Pupils will enjoy an adapted curriculum and use of the school's recreational and sporting facilities.

The IC is a private area just for IC pupils. IC pupils will use separate entrance and exit points to the main school. 

The IC can hold a maximum of 6 pupils at any one time.

Breakfast and lunch is provided.

The FreshSteps Inclusion Centre is now open and accepting pupils for September. 


Do IC pupils need to wear a uniform?

No. IC pupils can wear their own clothes. We suggest comfortable clothing and that they bring a sports kit to school.

Will IC pupils gain a permanent place at FreshSteps?

Not necessarily. A place in the IC will usually mean that FreshSteps is currently full or that we will not be able to meet the needs of a pupil long term. If a place does become available and if we can meet needs, IC pupils will gain priority of being offered a place.

What happens if a child displays unsafe behaviour whilst in the IC?

If a pupil displays inappropriate or unsafe behaviour, they will unfortunately lose their place in the IC.

How will IC pupils get to school?

Pupils wil either need to be dropped and collected from school by their parents or make their own way to and from school. 

What are the school day timings?

9:30am - 2:00pm

What will pupils do whilst in the IC?

Pupils will follow an adapted curriculum including: English, Maths, Science, ICT and PE

Can FreshSteps be named on an EHCP whilst a child is in the IC? 

No, this is an interim placement and we therefore cannot be named as the school on the child's EHCP.