School Minibus

FreshSteps provides a minibus service for pupils who live further away from the school. The bus follows a route for pick-up to school in the morning and drop-offs in the afternoon. Pupils are required to meet at specific meeting points when using the school bus. If your child is late and misses the school bus, you will need to make alternative arrangements to get your child to school. Please be aware that the school bus will not return for latecomers. 

Spaces on the school minibus are limited. Your child will be risk-assessed before potentially being offered a space on the school minibus pick-up/drop off. This is at the discretion of the headteacher. At present, spaces are only being offered to pupils in Key Stage 3 or 4. 

Parents with pupils in primary will need to make arrangements to drop and collect their child from school. 


Alternatively, the local borough offers a taxi transport service which many of our pupils in both primary and secondary make use of.


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