Why attend every day?

Good school attendance gives your child the opportunity for success and helps develop skills for life. Your child should attend school every day unless there is an unavoidable cause such as illness.

If there is an issue you wish to speak about please contact the school and leave a message for the desired person/teacher. An appointment must be made if you wish to speak with the Headteacher about more serious matters.

Every day counts!

FreshSteps Education Centre is committed to ensuring that every child reaches their full learning and development potential. One of the most important aspects of gaining a great set of results and learning how to succeed in life is to ensure that you have a good record of attendance and punctuality. These two areas are key tools for life and are the two of the most important skills we acquire when at school.

FreshSteps Education centre recognises the fact that sometimes children are sick and cannot come into school or there may be a family emergency that the child has to attend. We also appreciate that it is important that families are able to practise their religious beliefs and to enable them to do so within school.

FreshSteps enjoys celebrating success in every area. To celebrate good attendance and in recognition of improved attendance we have awards and trips.

At the end of every term there are certificates and awards to be won for all the children who have attained 98% or more. The school also award students with certificates and awards depending on how many stars they have obtained within the term and this is what we call the star system; students with 20 stars receive a certificate, students with 40 stars receive a certificate and an award, those with 80 stars receive an certificate an award as well as being celebrated in the end of term award ceremony. The star system has been put in place to show the students that there increasing attendance and punctuality is known and has been recognise by the school and are rewarded so they know the outcomes of being in school every day and being on time to lessons.

There is also a school trip which is put in place for all the students with good attendance and punctuality to go on with all the teachers as an end of year award for all students. These school trips are sometimes educational or sometimes more stimulating.

What parents can expect from the school

If your child maintains 95 - 100% attendance:

  • Good attendance and punctuality is rewarded with certificates and awards.
  • Eligibility for inclusion into the end of term ceremony.

What happens when attendance starts to fall below 95%?

  • Parents will receive a letter advising them that their child’s attendance has dipped below what the school considers to be acceptable

When attendance dips below 90% - 85%:

  • Parents/referring schools will receive a letter advising them of the students attendance figure. This letter includes information regarding the legal implications of poor attendance. The parents are invited to make an appointment with the Head teacher to discuss their child’s attendance and the way forward.
  • If the child’s attendance continues to drop as a result of non-compliance the referring schools will intervene with their intervention plan.

FreshSteps will inform the local authority of any student who fails to attend school regularly, or has been absent without the schools permission for a continuous period of 10 school days or more.