The ICT curriculum has been specifically designed to develop the core computing abilities of the pupils at FreshSteps. The students will also develop and hone their skills in effective communication, leadership, team work, analysis, personal reflection, problem solving and independent thinking and learning.

Pupils at FreshSteps learn to use a range of key programmes in IT and finish KS4 with a set of skills that will be beneficial to them in the world of work. 

The pupils will learn to recognise that digital content can be represented in many digital forms and understand the importance of communicating safely and respectfully online and the need for keeping personal information private.  We try to instil confidence, self-belief, independence and a fearless approach to learning that will stand them in good stead throughout their educational and working lives.

We promote E-safety awareness and try to ensure that all pupils are educated about the potential dangers and how to stay safe online. 
For further information or advice please contact Mrs Oranu or alternatively browse online for the Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP) website which provides online resources and advice for parents.